Why everyone loves us

The hotel

KerkHotel Biervliet is located on the edge of the beautiful, quiet and picturesque “Biervliet”, the town of windows and herrings.

 A characteristic hotel that was once (1880-2015) a neo-Gothic church and called “H. Maagd Maria Onbevlekt Ontvangen” (Virgin Mary Immaculate), was completely remodeled in 2021, with a design of old and new, without forgetting the religious history.

A stay in this historic building stimulates and arouses curiosity about its secrets. One of the most surprising buildings of Zeeland.

The architectural contrasts between past and present are noticeable everywhere in the hotel.  The interplay of history, design and hospitality leaves an extraordinary impression.

The altar with its old stained glass windows and the nave with its luxurious dining and lounge area invite you to breakfast.

If you want to have a unique view of the entire interior of the KerkHotel, then on the organ podium (the Oksaal) is the right place to enjoy this beautiful view.


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